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Check out what clients have said about Wow Great Place!

"We first contacted Joanne to help us with the decoration of our living room space.
We had recently purchased a few pieces and were struggling with furniture placement and the decorative touches.
Joanne came to our house to meet with us and within an hour our living room went from one of the most underutilized rooms in the house to the one that everyone is always hanging out in.
She took the furniture we had, helped us position it in a way that made sense and made suggestions of items in terms of wall art and other pieces to purchase. What was great about Joanne is she took what we already owned and made it work. There was no pressure to purchase fancy stuff.
At the time we had just signed with a kitchen company to have our kitchen/laundry room/powder room remodeled. Having liked what Joanne was able to do for us in the living room, we asked her to help us with the choices for the kitchen renovation.
Her help and support was invaluable. She guided us every step of the way in terms of all the important decisions – floor tile, grout color, granite, handle placement (which is more difficult than you would imagine), paint colors, placement and style of light fixtures. She introduced us to a local tile store with many interesting tiles that you just don’t find in the big box stores. She came shopping with me to help pick out the tiles and the granite.
She guided us in a way that the design very much reflects our style – it is close to what I would pick only 100% better because she encouraged us to think outside the box.
The tiles, fixates, lights are all things I love but would have lacked the confidence to choose on my own.
A kitchen renovation is a major financial investment and there is always the fear that you will make the wrong choices. Joanne helped calm our fears and mediate our style disputes. Every time we got stuck or disagreed on a decision we would ask Joanne to help us decide -she never steered us wrong. When you think of the overall cost of such a project the small amount it costs you to hire a professional such as Joanne is totally worth the peace of mind and the end product – My only regret in terms of my kitchen remodel is that we did not meet Joanne sooner. I would have given the whole project to her.
Thank you Joanne for truly making our home a Great Place."
Diane A.