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"My husband and I moved into our home June 2013.
We immediately recognized a growing list of upgrades and renovations for our 60 year old home. Turning to a interior designer we worked with in Ottawa, she recommended contacting Wow Great Place here in the Montreal area.
I met with Joanne around August and I immediately knew I could easily work with her and trust her guidance. Joanne had an excellent sense of how much interaction and support I required embarking on our renovation list.
I had a good sense of what we needed for a major basement renovation but just did not know how to achieve this goal. Joanne professionally (and with an excellent sense of humour!) guided us through the process and nudged us to take a few steps further to achieve a more refined end result.
She recommended excellent contractors who were great to work with and completed an excellent basement space for us. While we had the contractors on site, we added a few extra upgrades to other areas of the house and are very happy with the results.
Joanne can recommend excellent suppliers to provide what is needed for various projects. She takes your budget into consideration but will nudge you into a sensible decision if she feels you should step up financial choices for a better end result.
We went over budget for our basement project, however we are extremely satisfied with how it all turned out, money well spent!
I look forward to working with Joanne again in the near future when we are ready to tackle our next major renovation project - the hideous upstairs bathroom!"
Donna & Bob