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Check out what clients have said about Wow Great Place!

"My husband and I had been referred to Joanne at Wow Great Place by another company (who wanted to remodel but not decorate,) and she in turn put us in Kelly's capable hands, one of her designers.

In truth, both Kelly and Joanne worked on our space. We spent time in advance of our first meeting going through a million magazines to give them some guidance on ideas and styles (everything from 'I could live with that' to 'my epileptic brain would not be happy with that' to 'pink? not a chance!'). What was lovely for us is that during the second meeting, we realized that Kelly had absorbed every single word we wrote or said. This gave us all the confidence in the world.

While our extensive project did have some hiccups, they were not with Wow Great Place, and Kelly and Joanne helped us navigate those waters, and in the end everything turned out beautifully--we finally got our Wow, Great Place! moment.

We now have a home that mirrors our own personal styles. Kelly and Joanne listened to us all through, and even though we are pseudo-clients now, they both still routinely send us ideas for other nooks and crannies. You can't get better service than that!"
C&M T.