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Check out what clients have said about Wow Great Place!

"Thank you Joanne, for transforming my home. I am just thrilled with it and as you know, I was reluctant to make change even after 20 years of Navaho white. You infused
colour, style and warmth while respecting the things that were special to me. I
cannot believe that you have essentially modernized my house in every room and
you kept within my modest budget by creatively putting things together and
shopping always for the best buys in both product and labour. The people who
work for you respect you highly and do first rate work. Friends of mine came in
recently and just gaped...claimed that the value has increased at least $100,000,
which is pretty good given that I spent less than half of that. My kids never
figured I'd do it...particularly the decluttering! Most of all I just love living
here surrounded by the beauty that you've created. Many, many thanks for being
so professional, so much fun and for the great transformation. I'm off to
admire the lovely new bathroom from the vantage point of the soaker tub.
Oooohh, I couldn't have imagined..."
D. Stephenson