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"My husband and I had been referred to Joanne at Wow Great Place by another company (who wanted to remodel but not decorate,) and she in turn put us in Kelly's capable hands, one of her designers.

In truth, both Kelly and Joanne worked on our space. We spent time in advance of our first meeting going through a million magazines to give them some guidance on ideas and styles (everything from 'I could live with that' to 'my epileptic brain would not be happy with that' to 'pink? not a chance!'). What was lovely for us is that during the second meeting, we realized that Kelly had absorbed every single word we wrote or said. This gave us all the confidence in the world.

While our extensive project did have some hiccups, they were not with Wow Great Place, and Kelly and Joanne helped us navigate those waters, and in the end everything turned out beautifully--we finally got our Wow, Great Place! moment.

We now have a home that mirrors our own personal styles. Kelly and Joanne listened to us all through, and even though we are pseudo-clients now, they both still routinely send us ideas for other nooks and crannies. You can't get better service than that!"
C&M T.
"I came downstairs this morning and thought I am in someone else's house!!!!! I can't thank you enough for all your help, even the small changes have made a huge difference and the great thing is I really thought I had to go to a big expense changing the couch, loveseat and chair. The amazing thing is how you made it work with what we have!!!! I really just wanted to let you know how helpful you were. It makes me wonder why I waited so long to do this! I cannot believe what you accomplished (and what Alexandra and I learned) in that amount of time! Thank you Joanne!"
A. Taylor
"Joanne was invaluable when it came to updating the kitchen of the home we had purchased. Our home is over 100 years old, and the existing kitchen was dark, cramped, dirty, and badly in need of an upgrade. Joanne was there from the ground up, attending with us to take measurements and get a feel of the place even before we took possession. She listened attentively to our needs. Given that my past-time is gourmet cooking, Joanne understood how important it was for me to have a good work triangle, space for all of my appliances, and cookbooks. She was upfront and reasonable about her fees, and in the end, the fees we paid her were more than made up by discount she was able to obtain on our new cupboards. When we encountered problems with our contractor, Joanne gave us advice and used her contacts to get us the help we needed to get the job done. Without her, we would have had a houseful of guests at Christmas with no kitchen! We love and enjoy the design of our kitchen every day. It is great for everything, from everyday preparation of meals, to entertaining. It truly is the focal point of our home. I can't say enough about the job Joanne did for us, and would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of a kitchen renovation."
Kerri & Andre
"Thank you Joanne, for transforming my home. I am just thrilled with it and as you know, I was reluctant to make change even after 20 years of Navaho white. You infused
colour, style and warmth while respecting the things that were special to me. I
cannot believe that you have essentially modernized my house in every room and
you kept within my modest budget by creatively putting things together and
shopping always for the best buys in both product and labour. The people who
work for you respect you highly and do first rate work. Friends of mine came in
recently and just gaped...claimed that the value has increased at least $100,000,
which is pretty good given that I spent less than half of that. My kids never
figured I'd do it...particularly the decluttering! Most of all I just love living
here surrounded by the beauty that you've created. Many, many thanks for being
so professional, so much fun and for the great transformation. I'm off to
admire the lovely new bathroom from the vantage point of the soaker tub.
Oooohh, I couldn't have imagined..."
D. Stephenson
"We couldn't have done this without you. Our living room has been completely transformed from a cold empty space that was hardly ever used to a warm and inviting room where we love to spend time. Thanks Joanne."
Janice H.
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