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Contact Us

Contact Us

Please contact us to book a meeting, ask a question about how we work, and to see if we "click"!   

We will want to know:

1) where you are located
2) what kind of project you are contemplating (Major renovation? Minor renovation? Consultation?)
3) the timeline you are hoping for (if your Contractor is starting next week, then you are too late to call, we should be one of the first calls you make when thinking about renovating)
4) we will ask about budget expectations, so we can see whether the budget and the expectation are in sync.

We can be reached by text:

Montreal and surrounding:  514-799-8189              
Or by e-mail: info@wowgreatplace.com

If you prefer to call and leave a voice message, please give us a few days to respond, or follow up with an e-mail.
If we do not pick up, then we are either in a client meeting, driving, or sleeping! ;)
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