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Feeling Gutsy? Let Your Designer Off the Leash!

Give a good designer a budget, a deadline and your complete trust, and they can make any room look fabulous. It's done every day, right before our eyes, on some of the most popular shows on television. What is it about these shows that make us tune in? Like voyeurs, peeking into people's homes, we watch rooms get transformed in just 2 back breaking days, enjoying the relieved glee of the homeowners at the happy unveiling, and snickering at the not so lucky ones that have to rip it all out the next day. We watch because we wish we had the chance to do it ourselves; to have someone come into our homes, transform a room, and have us love the end result; to have the decision making done by someone else.

It's a very daunting process, imagining a complete room transformation, and often we balk at ideas that are presented to us because if they SOUND crazy, they must LOOK crazy. It's not a concept for the faint of heart, since you don't have any idea what you will end up with, but many of us wish we could put that kind of faith into someone else's hands.
Well, you can. Hire a designer for a couple of hours. Tell them what you are hoping to accomplish in your space, and they can help you get there. They can also tell you other ways to go that you may not have considered. Be open to the suggestions, but don't feel you have to accept every statement as gospel.

Decorating is a very subjective art, and if you don't like the sound of something, don't take the advice. But, if you are comfortable with your designer, if you trust their taste and their judgment, then take a leap of faith and try out an idea or two that appeals to you. Maybe even try something that sounds a little off the wall.

Every one of those design shows has one statement repeated over and over by the homeowners: "I never could have imagined this!" Let your designer do the imagining, and if an idea has even a twinkle of appeal, then try it. Designers are only limited by the willingness of the client. You still have input, of course, since it is your space and your money, but give a little artistic freedom to your designer, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the result.
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Published: October 3, 2011