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What Can a Decorator Do For Me?

Ever wonder how some people can be so extravagant as to hire a designer to help them with their homes? But then, would you consider it extravagant to hire an accountant for your taxes, a dentist for your root canal or a notary for your will?
Well, countless people use decorators and designers to help them with their homes because these people have expert opinions, a trained eye, and they can help you avoid costly mistakes. It sounds simple enough to say "Hey, choose the wrong paint colour, just paint again," but if you've done it yourself (and you're not a professional painter), you know that painting is not an enjoyable experience. And, you still have to factor in the cost of more paint PLUS the value of your time to redo the job. Another weekend shot.

If only you had called a decorator, you would have been counseled on your decision, and perhaps been offered a more appropriate shade of pumpkin than the bright orange you so desired for the guest bedroom.

Most people's first experience with a decorator involves paint colour. You have a shade in mind for a room; your spouse has an entirely different opinion. You can't agree, so you wisely call in a decorator to mediate. The decorator arrives, armed with a designer kit of paint colours, and within an hour of the decorator's time, your marriage is saved and the room looks great.

Even if you aren't planning to paint, you just know it's time for a change, call a decorator and see how they envision your space. You may be offered suggestions you hadn't thought of, and be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Here are just a few examples of when people use decorators:

• You want new window treatments, but aren't sure what would look best in the room.  Drapes? Shutters? Blinds? Valance? Roman shade? Nothing? The choices can be overwhelming. A decorator can guide you, and often supply and install as well!

• Your sofa has seen better days, but do you buy new, or could you reupholster the old? A decorator can help you with either scenario.  

• You want to rearrange your furniture, maybe add a few pieces and remove some others. A decorator will help optimize your layout, and will consider traffic flow through the room and how you want to use the space.

• You've just moved into your new home, and could use some help placing artwork and arranging the furniture. Hire a decorator for a few hours to help!

• Planning to move to a smaller place, and you think your belongings may not? Get a decorator to help you plan what to take and what to toss BEFORE the move, by creating floor plans of your rooms, and offering solid advice on what is worth hanging on to. Why pay movers to haul stuff you won't even need?

• You want to change your kitchen, but will you need to budget for a full blown renovation, or can you make do with what you have, adding some carefully planned
extras with just a new counter and some hardware? A decorator can offer an unbiased opinion, and give you options that are in keeping with your budget considerations.

• You're tired of how your rooms look, but you can't put your finger on what's bugging you? A decorator can walk you through your home, offering suggestions for changes. Move a dresser into another room. Change the artwork around. Add some lighting and some plants. Take out some furniture you don't need or that just doesn't work anymore. Paint the furniture and change the hardware. Toss the puffy pink valance in the dining
room. A couple of hours with a decorator, and you may see your belongings in a
whole new light.
So, you've called a decorator, but didn't like what they had to say? Call another one. Every single decorator will likely offer you a different solution when it comes to your home, because there isn't one right answer; there are countless ways to decorate a home. The key is finding a decorator who will listen to what you need, offer options, and ultimately find a solution that you will LOVE coming home to. When you find a decorator that fits your style and guides you well, add them to your Rolodex along with your accountant, dentist and notary. It's not extravagance, it's just good sense.
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Published: September 20, 2011